CaporalesCaporales is a Bolivian dance that has its origins in the Afro-Andean dances of the Yungas region. This dance represents the foremen who were in charge of the slaves in colonial times.



Morenada is a music and dance style from the Bolivian Andes possibly inspired by the sufferings of the African slaves brought to work in the silver mines of Potosi.



Diablada is a dance characterized by the mask and devil suit worn by the performers and is based on a mixture of Catholic and Andean religious ceremonies.



Tinku, a Bolivian Aymara tradition, began as a form of ritualistic combat. In the Aymara language it means ‘physical attack’.



The folkloric dance of the Tobas speaks of the ancient past of Bolivia. Tobas is an athletic dance comprising agile steps accentuated with many jumps and bounds.